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    Lesson #39: Ensure spirituality is part of your life

    Is spirituality part of your life yet? If not, you should certainly make it, as you will benefit tremendously from it. Because spirituality has so many connotations, it means different things to different people. We should try to establish a mutual understanding first. Does spirituality automatically equal religion or a code of morals? Not necessarily. Even though this topic is sensitive, very personal to each of us, I think we can all agree something greater than us is out there. We live certain experiences and we connect to what we refer to as God, Buddha, Shiva, etc. Let us be…

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    Lesson #41: How to deal with grief

    Grief is part of life. Even though we know it exists, most of the time we are only experiencing it when something unforeseen happens to us. The unexpected is usually a LOSS of any kind, be it a job, money,…

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    Lesson #9: Share your gifts with the world

    Each of us is unique, and we came into this world having different natural gifts and capabilities. The essential questions we should answer: do we even know how gifted we are, and are we doing something with these gifts? We…

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    Happy International Women’s Day!

    Today, we celebrate all women of the world during the International Women’s Day. In certain countries, this is a double celebration because March 8 is also recognized as Mother’s Day. We should celebrate moms all the time, and especially today,…

  • Body

    Lesson #5: Work on discovering your full potential

    Discovering our full potential is a subject most of us pondered upon at some point in our life. Some sooner than others, yet some may never think about it. We may be wondering what does discovering the full potential truly…

  • Life Energies,  Mind

    Lesson #4: Be a seeker of truth

    To learn the truth, first and foremost, we have to be seekers. We must have the willingness to look for it and dare questioning everything that is not in our experience. We have to give up any assumptions or conclusions…

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