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  • Mind

    Why do we overthink?

    Why do people overthink? My answer: lack of self-awareness. Everyone heard of the term “analysis-paralysis,” which is an individuals’ tendency to overthink or over-analyze everything, usually without an outcome. To a certain extent, we are all guilty of doing it,…

  • Body,  Life Energies,  Mind

    Another way of cleansing your body

    How many types of cleansing your body do you know? Most of us are familiar with different detox methods to get rid of the toxins from our bodies, but is it something else out there? For sure there is. Over…

  • Mind

    Is content or context more important in life?

    What is more important in your life: the content or the context? Did you ask yourself such a question? I know everyone has a hectic life and we are all consumed by our daily activities. However, it is essential to…

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