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Well-being is a journey, not a destination. For me, the journey started four years ago after I finally understood and experienced its true meaning. My life completely changed FOREVER, and the words in the picture best describe it.
I am a completely TRANSFORMED life. I am more CONSCIOUS than before. I am GRATEFUL for everything. I feel WHOLESOME within myself. I became a LOVING human being. I CONNECTED to my life and the universe. I am an overall STRONG human.

After twenty hard-working years on three different continents, holding multiple leadership and management positions in different industries, and always being on the go, I was laid off for the first time in my life due to company downsizing. Initially, I had a hard time accepting it. Suddenly, I did not have to put my business suit on, and with it, I lost my identity. I did not know who I was and what to do anymore. Going from 120 miles an hour to zero, was quite a change, and I needed to look for other alternatives. I enjoyed being a superwoman doing it all: work, school, travel, family, etc. However, in the end, the break was something I did not know I needed. It gave me the opportunity to count my blessings and reflect on myself, where I have been, what I achieved so far, and what I wanted to do next with my life.

Being able to pause and spend time with myself, naturally, the self-rediscovery process started, and the shift in re-aligning my priorities occurred. I had originally thought the busyness defined me and that I would get easily bored without a formal job. To my surprise, I found out that stillness is what I enjoy, which I have never imagined possible. As an avid learner, I started searching for something to help me better understand what I was going through. The search led me to discover yoga and the Inner Engineering program created by Sadhguru. After doing research, I was so fascinated that I decided to enroll, as I felt it was time to foster and better understand my interiority.

The experience gave me more meaning and pivoted the trajectory of my life. I recognized that, like many others, I was thriving in everything, but I did not know life at all. I was living just to work, and, in a way, I was suffering my success. I am referring here to all the stress I created, the frustrations and anger when things did not go my way, and many other dissatisfactions. Finally, I was able to put the puzzle pieces together and understand why I was thinking, doing, and reacting the way I was. It felt as if a light bulb had been lit, or a veil had come off my face, and, suddenly, I was able to see everything with more clarity. I became more aware and conscious of everything. This astonishing and continuous process deepened my perception and helped me look at life and the world in different ways.

Another first-timer for me was digging deeper to find out what I was destined to do and not what I know, am capable of, or am good at. As I blossomed in my career, opportunities always came along, and making a choice was always more comfortable than creating something genuine and new. In other words, as the saying goes, “if I see it, I know it;” doing what I know is much easier than creating a new path, being a trailblazer. So, when my life shifted, I knew it was time for me to re-discover myself. After many trials, I decided to ask for help and worked with an amazing executive coach to better figure it out. During the process, I noticed that my passion, which is helping PEOPLE, was prominent, and it had been the common denominator in all my previous jobs. I love making a difference and having an impact on someone’s life. I have always done it to a certain extent, but it was never something I purposely sought to do as my mission in life.

Throughout this journey, I had to disconnect from the world to reconnect with myself. I dedicated this time to studying, learning, reflecting, and understanding more how the body, mind, energies, and emotions work from a holistic perspective. I invested my past couple of years in gaining knowledge, training my mind, body, energies, and self-healing. I embodied everything I have learned to see what works, from yoga, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and acupuncture.

Through this time, I found my calling, and that is developmental coaching. As I experienced this powerful tool firsthand, I decided to obtain my coaching certification and devote the rest of my life to serving others. I am offering my knowledge, skills, and life experiences to the world. I transformed my life, and I am prepared to help everyone interested in transforming theirs become the best version of themselves, find their balance, achieve well-being, and live a happier and fulfilled life.

Are you ready to grow in all aspects of your life, first personally, then, as a result of your self-growth professionally, socially, and so on? I am ready to get to know you and help you on this profound journey of yours. Let us connect!

Much love,
Simona Budurlean, MBA, PMP, CPC

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