I created Forever by Simona from my deep desire to make a difference in people’s lives. We, humans, are longing for our well-being, and we are continuously searching for it as the significance is changing with time. The meaning may also vary from person to person, and for some is health, for others is financial stability, or for few may be a new house or a new car. With age, our perception of life is altering, priorities are shifting, we finally start focusing on what is most important, and that is experiencing life.

We go through self-transformation, evolve, yet only when we learn to align our body, mind, and life energies, we can say we know what inner well-being is. Once we attain it, it trickles down to every aspect of our lives, physically, mentally, socially, financially, etc. How do we know it? Because we feel how life just happens to us, everything we do is effortless, nothing from outside world is affecting us, and a pleasant state is establishing within us. Joy and happiness become a normal and a constant state.

I am fast approaching my 40s, and I have started noticing changes within myself. The first step was to acknowledge, then to accept them. Unexpectedly, I was more aware and able to listen to what my body was telling me, and I knew I had to adjust my life. I knew I had to alter my diet because my metabolism was slowing down, I knew I had to start exercising more to support it, and I knew I had to take supplements to boost my immune system. Overall, I became more cognizant about what I put in and on my body, ensuring everything is as natural as possible, and I was no longer allowing my thoughts and my emotions to rule how I feel.

Therefore, I decided to share my unceasing journey to inner well-being and my life experiences with you, in the hope that will inspire you to take actions, making the necessary adjustments, become more conscious and feel good.

Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy the ride with me!

Forever love,


Looking for healthy, all natural products? See our store.
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Looking for healthy, all natural products? See our store.
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