Another way of cleansing your body

Another way of cleansing your body

How many types of cleansing your body do you know? Most of us are familiar with different detox methods to get rid of the toxins from our bodies, but is it something else out there? For sure there is.

Over this past weekend, I was initiated in “Bhuta Shuddhi,” and I wanted to share my experience with you. I thought some of you might find it interesting or maybe get inspired to do the same. In fact, what is it? In Sanskrit language, Bhuta means “element” and Shuddhi means “purification.” In other words, it is the process of purifying the elements within our systems.

From the yogic perspective, our body is made of the same five elements that our planet or the universe is created. The elements are: 72 % water, 12% earth, 4% fire, 6% air and 6% space. Each of these elements has its own nature, and it is also holding information. For example, recently the scientists have proven that water has memory. The type of water (spring or tap) we drink, and how we drink it, is important because it will have a specific impact on our system. Therefore, cleansing of the elements is essential in the yogic culture. Why? Because it removes the karmic impurities accumulated at the most fundamental level.

Practicing Bhuta Shudhi on a daily basis will help us re-arrange how these elements are functioning within ourselves. Over time, if done consistently and consciously, we can reach a point where we can control how these elements function within us. We can determine our health and overall well-being. Achieving harmony and balance within is just one of the benefits of practicing Bhuta Shuddhi. I will expand more on this subject as I get further in the process and experience the benefits first-hand.

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