Collagen – A Must for the Body

Collagen – A Must for the Body

If we want to look younger and feel good, we have to ensure collagen’s constantly presence in our bodies. Did you know it is the most abundant protein? Collagen’s percentage is around 25% to 35% of total protein, and it is the primary structural component of many connective tissues. These are cartilages, skin, ligaments, tendons, even bones and teeth.

When we are young, we do not pay much attention to what we eat, or how our skin looks. Everything is toned and working great. It is just there, so we take our body for granted. However, as we age, changes are occurring: cracking bones, saggy skin, painful joints, etc. Now we start paying more attention! Moreover, we start looking for solutions, what we can do, what we can take to prevent, or improve all these problems.

Our body produces collagen, but as we age, the production decreases substantially with each year. Certain bad habits, such as smoking, eating sugar in excessive quantities, or being sunburned can damage the production of collagen. It plays an immense role in our health as we may considerate it “the glue” of our body, is keeping everything together. If this is the case, what are we doing about it? Are you taking it from certain foods, or are you taking supplements?


The collagen is contains of 18 amino acids, hence as many types of collagen. However, the main ones are type I, II, III, and IV, with the first one having the higher percentage of 90%. Taking collagen as a supplement is the easiest way and studies show many health benefits. To reference few:  

  • Firmer and suppler skin
  • Stronger nails and hair
  • Healthier joints and eyes
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Bone loss prevention

Because of all these benefits, many supplements came on the market, under different forms. It can be of animal or marine origin, and in the form of powder, liquid or pills. Which one is better and how to choose? I spent a lot of time researching many options. Finding a high quality product, made of 100% natural ingredients with minimal processing, GMO free, gluten free, and no preservatives, was a priority for me.

I chose the best product that match and it is DuoLife’s Collagen. It is unique because each ingredient is addressing a certain area. The collagen contained is in the form of a water-soluble low molecular weight polypeptide hydrolysate (average 2000 Da). It is a source of all necessary amino acids, including exogenous, and the gastrointestinal tract is easily absorbing their di- and tripeptides tract.

After penetrating into the bloodstream, the amino acids and peptides are distributed to the skin, cartilages and other connective tissue structures. In addition, they are a substrate for the synthesis of the natural collagen type 1 and 2, induce the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, and stimulate growth and migration of fibroblasts. The synergy action of collagen and Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis in the organism (DuoLife Collagen).

I noticed the results shortly after I start using it and highly recommend this product to everyone. Read more about it and get yours here.