Drinking Chlorophyll – what are the benefits?

Drinking Chlorophyll – what are the benefits?

Even though Chlorophyll is found in plants, more and more products with this name came on the market. Just like me, you may have asked yourself, why we should drink it. Is it safe for us and, if yes, what are the benefits?

I have learned about chlorophyll in kindergarten and I vividly remember the explanation of my teacher. For an easier understanding, she had to use an analogy. She told us that chlorophyll “is the plant’s blood.” Of course, I have learned more about it in school, but that analogy really stuck with me. Recently, I was doing more research on this subject, and I saw something that brought me back to it.

Did you know that chlorophyll’s chemical structure is almost identical with the hemoglobin? The only difference between the two is the porphyrin ring. The central ring of hemoglobin contains iron while the chlorophyll contains magnesium. Just have a look at this picture. When seeing both, side by side, is easier to notice how right she was.


I have also learned that chlorophyll is beneficial to our body. Its consumption is:

  • Increasing the amount of oxygen in the body, which means we think better and perform any activity more efficiently
  • Providing 18 amino acids necessary for the production of our own protein
  • Preventing pathogens from multiplying
  • Regulating the hormones
  • Increasing lactation in breastfeeding women

We take a small portion of chlorophyll by eating green vegetables, especially spinach. However, the simplest way to get chlorophyll in our diet is by taking supplements. There is a variety of supplements available in the form of drops, capsules, or even pills. The one I use and I am super happy about is liquid which has an improved digestibility and absorption in the body.

DuoLife Chlorophyll has the highest quality due to its innovative combination of biologically active and fully natural ingredients, and because does not contain any food preservatives and taste stabilizers. Natural chlorophyll reduces acidity in our body’s internal environment. It has a positive effect on intestinal flora, and supports and enhances the immune system. It also binds and eliminates heavy metals from the body.

You can get yours here, and I am sure you will not be disappointed:

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