Face Yoga – do you practice it?

Face Yoga – do you practice it?

Have you heard of Face Yoga? Probably you did, because lately, many YouTube videos are surfacing on the internet. If you did not, it is ok; the name is self-explanatory, and is doing yoga for your face. Are you curious to try it but you do not know where to start? Are you skeptical if it works or not? If that is the case, I have some answers for you.

As soon as I was approaching my 40’s I noticed many changes happening in my body and on my face too. Many of you that know me may think it is not the case because they are not that visible. Believe me, I am aware of every each inch and what is going on. There are plenty of options available on how to deal with the aging problems, but I made the decision to age naturally and gracefully. I am not interested in any kind of procedures, surgeries, Botox, etc., only in natural remedies.

At that time, I was practicing yoga for at least a year, and I remember asking myself why I am treating the face differently. Why am I not exercising the face too? Sure enough, after searching the web, I found plenty of face yoga videos. After completing my homework, I ended up choosing Fumiko Takatsu, the creator of Face Yoga Method. I fell in love with the concept, with her story, and I was ready to try her method to see if it really works. I did the exercises for a little while, but then it fell of my radar, until this year.

Being at home all the time due to this pandemic, and having more time on our hands, my husband and I decided to build a wholistic daily routine for ourselves. Now, more than ever, taking care of our mind, body, and life energies is of utmost importance. In addition to what and how we eat, practicing yoga, exercising, meditating, and taking supplements, I included face yoga too. I am so glad I did, because I can really see the difference and the feeling is just amazing.

Why, How, What?

Because I am so happy with the results, I want to share with you all about Fumiko Takatsu’s Face Yoga Method. She is teaching us:

  • how to exercise the muscle of our face to lift the skin
  • naturally get rid of wrinkles
  • tighten our face to look much younger
  • skincare tips, including DYIs
  • how to create awareness of our daily aging habits (posture, how we sleep, etc.) and much more

Here is her website, where you can find all the information you need, from programs she offers, to exercises videos, to how to create self-care routines or your homemade remedies. Moreover, she also built a Facebook Community, where hundreds of thousands people (mostly women) from around the world, are sharing their experiences and supporting each other on their face yoga journey. Fumiko and other Face Yoga teachers are also sharing information or going live for different events.

Every women on this planet should take time to take care of herself! Practicing Face Yoga and using what you have in your pantry will make a huge difference if you put the time and effort into it.

I have a long way to go but I made the commitment to continue. I proudly call myself a Face Yogi.