Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, we celebrate all women of the world during the International Women’s Day. In certain countries, this is a double celebration because March 8 is also recognized as Mother’s Day.

We should celebrate moms all the time, and especially today, we should show our gratitude, because without them we would not even exist. If you can, spend time with her, take her out, show her some love, and make her feel special. I wish I could do the same, but my mom is thousands of miles away.

The only thing I could do was to call her, and sing her the same song I sang as a child. It might sound puerile to others; however, that is how I felt about her back then, and that feeling will never change. We both know the bond we have crosses all boundaries, and will last forever.

Today is all about us, women. In fact, what is being celebrated is our femininity, and we should never lose it. It is our tenderness, beauty, love, kindness, care, etc. We should start looking beyond one’s sexuality and see it for what it is. Masculine and feminine are the two characteristics every person has. It is just a matter of the proportion of each finding expression within ourselves.      

We should all accept and celebrate the differences. The saying “we live in a men’s world” exists because we associate the man with being the breadwinner. This mentality has changed in the last decades, as women are occupying the same seat at the table. We, women, should never change and act as men just to be accepted, to be considered one of them, or equals.

Each of us should know who we are, and feel free to express our feminineness, regardless of how it is perceived by others. So celebrate it today and every day. The world needs it now more than ever.

I hope one day feminine and masculine will be seen just as equal roles needed in the society, and not a reason for discrimination. That day will only come when all of us, men and women, will see beyond our physicality and embrace those characteristics for what they are.