How did I discover yoga?

How did I discover yoga?

April 2017 is a month I will never forget, as it is the time Yoga was introduced to me for the first time. While searching the web, I came across a program called “Inner Engineering” created by Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Foundation.

Honestly, at first, the program’s name intrigued me, and then I started looking more into it. Minutes later, I was so fascinated by it that I had to share the findings with my husband.  We decided, right there and then, it was time for us to understand our inner-selves better, and that both of us would reap the benefits. Consequently, we enrolled and started the journey to inner well-being together. We attended seven online classes followed by two in-person days with Sadhguru in Vancouver, to learn the Shambhavi Kriya, which is only a 31-minute daily practice.

I consider it one of the best decisions I made because it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Going through the program I had few “aha” moments; I was finally able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and understand why I was thinking, doing, and reacting the way I was.

Lastly, it felt like a light bulb went on, or the veil came off my face, and suddenly I was able to see everything with more clarity. I became more conscious of everything. This astonishing process deepens my perception and helps me experience life the way it is.

The program is working for us, we have never missed a day since we started, and I strongly recommend it to anyone interested. Still, one can take baby steps toward establishing a yoga routine, and choose what works best for each of you. I will follow up with additional information on how we are benefiting from yoga in my future posts.

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