Lesson #11: Always admit when you don’t know something

Lesson #11:  Always admit when you don’t know something

Are you the type of person who admits of not knowing something or are you ashamed of it and pretend to know it all? Most people are a combination of both, depending on the situation, but do you know that “I don’t know” is powerful?

Unfortunately, some people will not admit it because they think if they don’t have the answers, they may look stupid in front of others. Others may feel ashamed, or some think people will lose respect for them. The truth is people who admit they don’t know everything are admired and respected. I experienced it myself over the years.

Even though I was super curious as early as I could remember, and I wanted to know it all, I did not have any problems admitting when I did not know something. I did it regardless of the environments I was in, school, professional, or personal life.  

I was never ashamed saying these words because in my mind it was normal, as I always had thousands of questions about everything and anything. As much as I want to know it all, it is just not possible. I am still dreaming, so hopefully one day I may have all the answers. 🙂

Another reason: I recognized “I don’t know” is in fact powerful. Why? Because it offers us the opportunity to seek. It makes me ask questions continuously, and I am always on the look for answers and solutions. It keeps me intellectually stimulated and engaged.

After admitting, the next steps are committing to finding the answers and communicating them back. Yes, it may create more work, but pretending to know can be far more damaging than admitting. The only constant in life is change; therefore, being open and enhancing our capabilities is the only way to cope with it.  

Being honest with ourselves and with others is the only way to succeed and live an authentic life. Everyone should adopt an “I don’t know” attitude, especially the children. Not having all the answers should not be a weakness or a punishment. Instead, it should create excitement in discovering new things and empower one to grow.