Lesson #2: Jump at every opportunity

Lesson #2:  Jump at every opportunity

Opportunities are out there, we just have to grab them. The critical question is how do you see opportunity, as a challenge or as a possibility? Based on the answer, we either jump at it or totally ignore it. In fact, before we decide how to act, we have to see the opportunity or even create it. 

Even though the opportunity’s definition is the same for all us, how each of us perceives it is very different. What I see as an opportunity others may view as a distraction. Because opportunities are present in all aspects of our lives: from career to education, relationships, health, financials, etc. we should at least be able to recognize them. That is the first step.

Afterward, many factors or excuses will influence our decision of taking actions, or not. Some examples would be timing, level of capabilities and confidence, fear of failure, etc. Opportunities bring change, and if we are not prepared to embrace it and take the necessary risks, we will miss a lot in life. Always being on top of our game, understanding who we are, consciously pushing our limits will definitely create opportunities for ourselves.

Throughout my career, I always jumped when the opportunity arose. There were times when I was not 100% ready for taking the next step. However, I capitalized on it because I had the courage and confidence that I will be able to do the job. Was it easy? Of course not, I had to work probably twice harder, but it was totally worth it for my own growth and betterment.

Sometimes we are overthinking the opportunities, and we start questioning everything. Our mind will always play tricks on us; therefore, trusting our instinct is vital in moving forward. If we wait for things to align at the right time and for us to be ready, that moment may never come.           

Over the years, I proved to myself that I could learn anything and with the right attitude, I could do everything I wanted. If I did it, anyone can do it! It depends what your aspirations in life are.

We have the choice and the power to create the life we want to live!