Lesson #3: Be the best version of yourself without comparing against others

Lesson #3: Be the best version of yourself without comparing against others

“Be the best” is a phrase we are all too familiar with. Either we heard it at home for the first time, school or when we start working. It all depends on which part of the world you grew up. What does this phrase mean to you? Is it to be the best version of yourself, or be the best in comparison to others?  

The answer to the above question will tell how happy you are. For the last decades, society is striving on this concept as many mentors and coaches are preaching personal development. Unfortunately, many people are misunderstanding this concept, and I will explain you why.

Many parents and teachers are encouraging their kids to be the best in school or number one, more from the perspective of being ahead of somebody else. Without realizing, they are creating a competitive environment, which often is more detrimental to kids than beneficial. Instead, they should inspire the kids to discover their talents, and help them develop their thirst of knowledge.

It is the same in a work environment, all kinds of goals and targets are set to entice people to reach the company’s goals. The competition is created so each individual has to perform better than other colleagues do. Some people may need this push because not everyone has the passion as the driver. At times without realizing, even the passionate people are absorbed in this corporate game.

The ones with passion will do their best anyhow, and the only focus is on discovering one’s full potential. Passion has always been part of my life regardless of the job or activity I have done. I am an overachiever because I am continuously trying to better myself and push my limits. Not because somebody gives me some targets but because I know that my capabilities are infinite.      

Such environments are only creating winners and losers, not happy human beings. The society is teaching us how to be ahead of our classmates, colleagues, neighbors, and not how to live joyfully. I think it is time to shift the focus. Being joyful and becoming the best version of ourselves without being in competition with others is the only way to live and experience life.

The decision is in your hands. If we establish this foundation, it does not matter what activities we do, we will still be happy people. When that happens, no circumstances or people will dictate how you feel!