Lesson #30 Our natural way of being is Love – Express it

Lesson #30 Our natural way of being is Love – Express it

What is love? At a certain point in our lives, many of us have contemplated this question and maybe still looking for answers. We wanted to understand more about it, not only experience it. Some of us may have found the answers, while others are still searching. Can you describe love in your own way? If not, I challenge you to spend time and do it.

Even though love is hard to define, the internet exhibits a plethora of explanations. Some examples would be a set of emotions, such as affection, attraction, some say it is a commitment, while for others is a force of nature. Why is that? Because each of us experience love differently, and it has a different meaning for different people. In addition, different factors such as culture play a significant role in how people experience and express love.

I believe love is the most beautiful feeling people can experience and should be shared with the world. Though love is universal, unfortunately, many cultures repress love instead of express it. I grew up in such a culture, where we felt the love of our parents through the food we ate, the clothes we wore, and all the worries they had for us. A kiss or a hug was rare, but we certainly knew deep down how loved we were. Showing love in a tender way was perceived as a sign of weakness, so we had to become strong from an early age.

Looking back, I definitely understand why our parents were behaving that way. First, my grandparents raised them with the same approach, so they did not know any different. Secondly, the times were tough, and they had to prepare us for the harsh reality of life. They succeeded in that regard, no doubt. I got so good at expressing my frustrations, anger, disappointments but it took me years to be able to verbalize my love. I finally realized that love is not about someone or something else, it is all about me. Being in love means being in union with everything.  

Sadhguru nicely explains, “as a human being experientially, you are just these four things: body, mind, emotion, and energy. Right now, the combination of these four is what you call “myself.” The best the body can reach is health and pleasure. The best your mind can achieve is joyfulness and peace. The peak of your emotion is love, devotion, and compassion. Your energies can reverberate either with a mundane feebleness or with a great intensity of ecstasy. In your current experience of life, these are the only realms of experience that are available to you.”

How aware are we of this approach to self? For me, like for probably many others, for the most part of my life, the emotions ruled and decided the quality of my life. The emotions are the result of our thoughts, and as many of our thoughts are happening involuntarily, we start creating all kinds of sufferings to ourselves. I was living in my head most of the time, and that happened because I was not conscious. That realization changed my life, as I learned to live in the present and take control of my life.

LOVE is what we are made of and if we drop all the accumulated discriminatory nonsense, will become loving human beings. Love will be the expression of who we are and it will be felt and enjoyed by everyone surrounding us. Especially during these times of divisiveness in the world, being and sharing love is of utmost importance. Let us work on ourselves and spread around us the love so desperately needed. This world will become a better place!