Lesson #33 Be kind to one another – so simple, yet so powerful

Lesson #33 Be kind to one another – so simple, yet so powerful

Especially during these hard times, we need more than ever to be understandable, empathetic, compassionate, and kind to everyone around us. We have to understand that our attitudes and actions have a much bigger impact than we realize. People may not remember what or how we said something but will always remember how we made them feel. Is it just an act you perform, making others feel good, or it is an expression of who you are?

Being kind means so many things, to be sympathetic, helpful, forbearing, affectionate, loving, thoughtful, considerate, and so on. Therefore, it can be easily misunderstood. We link all of these feelings to our desire to help others, to bring happiness to others, to be gentle to others. Thus, we are focusing mainly on others, not on us. That is why being kind becomes more of a transaction, an act we perform. Usually, a transaction is an exchange that brings rewards to those involved.

I truly believe all these qualities are innate and should be just an expression of who we are. If we reflect for a moment on our childhood, I guarantee we can recognize it. Because we were exuberant, full of life, and kind towards everything. The kindness was shown not only towards the people, but also to the environment, the animals, and everything that surrounded us. Then growing up, somehow we lost it, as family and society left its imprints, values, beliefs, and teachings upon us. We have to go back and feel like a kid again, always happy and without fears and judgments.

How can we be kind to others, if we are not kind to ourselves first? The emphasis should always be on us because what we feel is exactly what will project onto others. We should live life and take control of the only thing in the whole world we can control, our internal situations. Everything we experience in life, despite the outside circumstances, is within ourselves. Therefore, we determine our whole experience of life. It is time to finally work on us. Employing tools such as meditation, yoga, and shifting our awareness from the mind to the heart, will certainly help us become loving human beings.   

By nature, we are kind, loving, compassionate, and we just have to manifest it as such. When we are happy, joyous, is exactly what we exude and share with the world. A smile, a word of encouragement, a hug, will be the expression of how we feel. It may be simple yet powerful. There is no need to fake anything or do something for the other person’s sake, we just are. Everyone will perceive us as the great life we are, happy, lively, kind, and so on. If we are not there yet, we should focus on living a conscious life and being present. The rest will come; it is just a matter of time! 🙂