Lesson #39: Ensure spirituality is part of your life

Lesson #39: Ensure spirituality is part of your life

Is spirituality part of your life yet? If not, you should certainly make it, as you will benefit tremendously from it. Because spirituality has so many connotations, it means different things to different people. We should try to establish a mutual understanding first. Does spirituality automatically equal religion or a code of morals? Not necessarily.

Even though this topic is sensitive, very personal to each of us, I think we can all agree something greater than us is out there. We live certain experiences and we connect to what we refer to as God, Buddha, Shiva, etc. Let us be impartial here, I will call it the Creator, who made the entire universe, including all of us.

I am not sure about you, but since I was a little child, everything surrounding me was intriguing. My head was full of many questions all the time. Therefore, why became my partner, as I wanted to know and make sense of everything. I grew up going to church because that is where God supposed to be. But then I was confused because I saw God’s presence everywhere, in people, in trees, in rocks, in the sun and in moon, etc.

Later in life I finally realized the source of creation is within us. And if we are willing to put the time and the work to explore it, we can certainly touch it. Therefore, religious belief does not necessarily mean spirituality, and vice versa. For me now it has a deeper meaning, spirituality is not an attribute, rather more of a certain way of being in our everyday life. It is about having our experience of life inclusive of everyone and everything.

We were born to be inclusive, just like the whole existence and life itself are. Somehow, along the way growing up, getting educated, etc., we started losing it. Slowly we categorized everything into bad or god, normal or abnormal, acceptable or unacceptable, egoism or altruism, and we have created boundaries.

For sure this is not the way to be. Having more time on our hands these days is giving us the opportunity to withdraw and reflect on the life that we are. We should be able to remove all these boundaries and make our spiritual process a conscious one. If it happens subconsciously does not mean you are not on a spiritual path, it just means is not in your experience yet.