Lesson #42: Learning to live through a pandemic

Lesson #42:  Learning to live through a pandemic

The year 2020 thought us many lessons, as the Covid-19 pandemic stroked and hit us like a fireball. Our lives were completely disrupted, we had to change everything we were used to, and quickly adapt to what would become the “new normal.” Was it hard? Absolutely! For some was harder than the others, I guess, depending on each person’s ability to change. 

The beginning of last year caught me abroad. My plan was to spend more time with my mom, as she was not doing well and still grieving from my father’s death. On January 26th, my husband told me the first Coronavirus case was confirmed here. I immediately knew my plan was altering. The same day, I changed my plane ticket to return in a week. 

I had a strong feeling that things will go haywire quickly and I have even foreseen the borders will soon close. Some people told me I was crazy, as it will never get that far. Guess what? Probably not even a month after I arrived the borders closed. By March 15th, we were in lockdown. Getting back without any difficulties, and reunite with my husband was amazing.

Despite the fear of the virus or the unknown, I think the harshest on people was the lockdown. The sudden change of being confined to our homes, not being able to go out, mingle, see family and friends, was the most challenging for everyone. Each of us started to make sense of what was going on and make the necessary living adjustments, from how we work, what and how we eat, to how we spend the time, etc. 

Not having kids made it much easier for us; however, we still had to come up with a plan. The goal was to minimize exposure to the virus and stay healthy both mentally and physically. Our first commitment was to not be part of the problem, and ensure we do not put anybody or ourselves at risk. Then, we came up with a plan for the rest.

Things we have done and learned:

  • Start the day with the right mindset by practicing yoga and meditation 
  • Workout every weekday to stay fit and release stress
  • Nourish the body with freshly cooked meals
  • Stay hydrated and take supplements to boost the immune system
  • Take short screen breaks during the workday 
  • Get out of the office once you finish work and disconnect – do not get lost in work just because you are at home
  • Cut off the noise – anything destructive or what affects you in a negative way
  • Focus only on what you can control and do 
  • Be precaution but not panicky – it is a massive difference between the two and often misunderstood
  • Limit the groceries visits only twice a month, ordered groceries online if needed in between 
  • Always be conscious and grateful, count all blessings
  • Keep in touch and connect with friends and family

Despite being a punitive and tumultuous year, we have decided to turn it into a year of growth on all levels, and we achieved it. We all have to remember that it is a choice we have to make: are we part of the problem or the solution, do we rise or crash in the process, are we a complainer or a fighter. The Creator endowed us with everything, our job is to strive to uncover and know ourselves fully. We can only do that by turning inwards and open up different dimensions of perception.