Lesson #5: Work on discovering your full potential

Lesson #5: Work on discovering your full potential

Discovering our full potential is a subject most of us pondered upon at some point in our life. Some sooner than others, yet some may never think about it. We may be wondering what does discovering the full potential truly means, how we can find it, and why it is important to us.

Is full potential about the quantity of work we do? Is it about the kind of work we do? Is it about how high of a position we reach in an organization, or how high of a salary we get? Based on our life experiences, the meaning is different for each of us, and it changes as we age.

We all go through stages in our life, and I am no exception. Honestly, I also went through all of the above at certain times. Not long ago, I came to the realization that my full potential is about enhancing my capabilities. How could I care about others or the world if I do not know how to manage my emotions, body, and mind?

Until recently, my experiences were just a reaction to the outside world. I allowed other people or circumstances to alter my happiness. When other people suffered, I suffered along with them. I did not know how to distance myself from situations; therefore, I took everything upon me.

I discovered yoga two years ago, and since I started practicing it, my life changed completely. Yoga helped me have a deeper understanding of how my body, mind, and energies are functioning. I became more aware of everything, and it helped me preserve my natural state of pleasantness. Now I act consciously instead of reacting to circumstances.

When our inner state is joyful, it spreads around. Regardless of the work we do, or with whom we interact, our inner-wellbeing will no longer be disrupted. We would be more effective, and we could do much more in a day. Most of our mental activity is unnecessary, and it is just consuming our time.

Continuously working on enhancing our body, mind, and energies will help us function at our full potential. Yoga and meditation are the tools we should all employ to get us there.