Lesson #6: Be involved, not invested, in everything

Lesson #6: Be involved, not invested, in everything

Are you invested with everything, or are you just involved? Do you have an answer to this question? Well, the thought of making the distinction in this context did not cross my mind until late 2017. Why? Because of the same excuse, I was too busy.

Just like most of you, I was busy all the time, from morning until night. My mind was occupied continuously and I poured my heart into everything: work, school, family, friendships, etc. Even though it is a great thing to do, we should never allow it to become a rat race. Unfortunately, this is the case for a substantial part of the population.

Everything becomes a routine, a vicious circle that is so hard to break. Why? Because we are not conscious, we live in a compulsive state. Until I pushed the breaks, and took time off just for myself, I was not able to be genuinely present, and live in the “now”.    

I knew of this concept and I thought I was living in the present. Nevertheless, after noticing the difference, I soon realized it was only in my head. I may have had rare moments in the past, but it was merely accidental. I was doing many things subconsciously not consciously.

Being involved with everything is the only way to know life. Being emotionally endowed is just causing entanglement, and that is a source of suffering. I was subconsciously invested with everything and because I did not know any different I allowed my thoughts and emotions to take over.     

Yoga and meditation is helping me elevate my awareness and enhancing my perception. Now I act and choose consciously. Slowly, I am distancing myself from circumstances and see things the way they are, not the way I want them to be.

It is unbelievable how quick our perspective on life is changing when we take time to reflect and search a little deeper. All the answers we are looking for are within ourselves. It is just a matter of time. Waiting for certain life-threatening events to derail us from our course is not a solution. It may be too late.

Therefore, our inner-wellbeing is of utmost importance. Consequently, now I am only invested with me, and involved with everything else. What will you choose?