Lesson #8: Live life fully, don’t just think of life

Lesson #8: Live life fully, don’t just think of life

Everyone should live life fully. A lot was written about it, and many coaches are teaching it as well. However, is it achievable? Do we know what it means? Moreover, have we experienced it and know how it actually feels?  

Even the term “life” means different things for each of us. For some, life means family, job, car, or house, while for others it merely means food, clothes, or type of work they do. Even though it is hard to put into words what life is, we have to come to the realization that life is not our body, our mind, or even our thoughts and emotions.

When I say live life fully, I am not urging you to do a specific action, but to be present and experience the phenomenon within us called life. For a long time, I thought I knew how to live my life, only to realize I was thinking of life instead of living it. Just like most people, I was spending most of the time in my head, thinking of everything.

I realized I was not present, in the sense of being aware about everything surrounding me. When going through my motions, being busy with work, deadlines, school, or people wanting something from me, I was not aware of what life is. When I became conscious about living versus thinking about living, my experience of life changed dramatically.

My hope is that everyone gets to experience this change. For me, the realization came as an “on/off” switch, while for others may come as a process that requires an introspective and a discovery of themselves.

Knowing what life is and living it fully requires decoupling ourselves from the psychological drama. We have to become conscious about everything, our own breath, our emotional and mental state, etc. and enjoy every moment.

Your journey awaits you, please start today!