The benefits of drinking hot water

The benefits of drinking hot water

If you were like me, super busy and always on the go, drinking water was a big issue in general, let alone drinking hot water. Well, with age (I guess), things have changed a bit, as I have learned about the benefits of drinking hot (yes, hot) water instead of cold.

I certainly enjoy hot teas but I never tried hot plain water. For some reasons, I could not wrap my mind around it, no taste, no color, just hot L. Years ago, I remember vividly visiting one of my neighborhood’s restaurants, where I saw the owner always drinking hot water. She looked amazing; her skin was glowing, a very nice, chic, and a well put-together woman.

I had the chance to sit down with her while having a meal, and I dared asking her what is the reason of drinking hot water. She started explaining to me how good the hot water is for the whole body and because of that, she drank only hot water her whole life. I was also astonished to learn about her age, because she looked at least 10-15 years younger.

Even though I was amazed, I realize it was just a “wow” moment for me because I have not done anything about it. I was not even curious to try it. Well, time passed by, and some months ago I came across another person talking about the hot water. I finally listened, and this time I wanted to try it.

Now I have a daily routine. After brushing my teeth in the morning, on an empty stomach, I drink a cup of hot water, before doing my yoga session. I also continue drinking it throughout the day until going to bed. Shortly, I started noticing changes and I want to mention few:

  • Bowel movement. Ladies, if you have problems with this, you can say goodbye to it. It works!
  • Skin is looking better. It helps washing toxins out of the body.
  • Makes me feel more relaxed as it relaxes the central nervous systems.
  • Improved digestion as it helps dissolving what the body had trouble digesting.
  • Improved circulation – hot water increases blood circulation and subsequently the energy level.

The above are just few benefits I experienced, I am sure there are more that can be added. It is important though not to burn your esophagus, your tongue, etc. The temperature it should be as hot as you can tolerate it. And, if it is not too enticing to have just plain water, you can add some lemon, or ginger for better taste.

I encourage you to try it out and make the shift. You will never regret it; on the contrary, after few days you will love it and wish you had started earlier.