Why do I meditate and why should you too?

Why do I meditate and why should you too?

Meditation has been a familiar word in my vocabulary, yet for a long time, I was not keen to learn more about it because I thought I would never be able to practice it.

I had many excuses that kept me from trying it. I believed I had no patience, or I was too busy, I could not sit still, I had no time, my mind was in a million places, etc. Therefore, why even attempt it?

Until one day, when I was curious enough to learn more about Yoga and how meditation can improve my life.

I am meditating for over a year, and I noticed the benefits shortly after I started. I was able to take charge of my emotions. I did not allow any people or circumstances to dictate the way I felt, I was finally acting consciously, instead of reacting to everything.  Now, my emotions are constant, with minimal fluctuations. I am also more centered, and my concentration is improved.

My self-awareness is increasing on a daily basis. I am making my choices consciously, and I am moving away from compulsions. I mentioned “increasing” earlier because this is a continuous process that evolves with time.

I also started naturally to be happier and have a healthier lifestyle. What made a huge difference for me was being able to accept everything and everyone the way it is, not the way I want it to be.

Being more aware and listening to my body, I began eating organic as much as possible. My consumption of meat, alcohol, and even coffee dropped significantly. The fascinating part is that I did not make a choice not to have them anymore; my desire just dropped.

Now, instead of meat, I have fish or seafood, and I replaced coffee with tea. I always had a love affair with coffee, and if or when I miss it, I have a small cup. I truly enjoy it instead of devouring it, and the taste is very different.

The above are some of the benefits I perceived, but there are many more. Studies also show evidence of meditation reducing blood pressure, stress-related disorders, and boosting the immune systems.

Like with anything else, meditation may work differently for each of us. Knowing its proven benefits, everyone should enjoy them. Even though we all have busy lifestyles, waking up 10 – 20 minutes earlier to meditate is time worth investing in ourselves, and is crucial for our well-being.

If you are new to meditation, you can find here a guided practice, and I hope you enjoy it!  If you are a meditator and you have experienced other benefits that I mentioned above, I would love to hear from you!