How to nourish our life energy?

How to nourish our life energy?

We can only function because of the life energy within us, and it has been known for thousands of years that it is directly linked to our health. When our life energy is balanced, and it is flowing freely, our body and mind are healthy.

Because we have this knowledge, if we want to live a healthy life, we should nourish and replenish our life energy. However, how aware are you of this need? Have you done consciously something about it? If you did, kudos to you, if not, you are not alone. It was only a year ago when I was able to grasp the importance of life energy and became conscious of it.

From where do we get our energy? The answer is from everywhere, as it is the connecting force to the Universe. Some of the energy sources are:

  • The Sun – through sunbathing
  • Air – through breathing
  • Earth – through barefoot walking
  • Food and water – through ingestion

When thinking of food many of us are thinking of calories instead of the energy it provides. Eating more plant foods in their natural state, raw, on a daily basis makes us feel more energized. The quality of air and the way we breathe is also crucial. Being more exposed to the sun and spending more time in nature, connected to the earth, are a few ways of recharging our inner-self. That is exactly what I did during my recent vacation; I went back to my roots (see the picture).

So, why is it so important to nourish our life energy? Because it also has an impact on our ability to heal, it supports our organs in functioning properly, and it is contributing to our cells’ renewal and growth.

Now that you know more, will you do something consciously about your life energy on a daily basis?