Lesson #4: Be a seeker of truth

Lesson #4: Be a seeker of truth

To learn the truth, first and foremost, we have to be seekers. We must have the willingness to look for it and dare questioning everything that is not in our experience. We have to give up any assumptions or conclusions we have already made.  

Is there one truth, or many? Is the truth religious, scientific, personal, or universal? Is the truth grounded in reality, philosophy, history, knowledge, or belief systems? As you can see, there are many questions, which probably most people do not even think about. Though, they are still functioning without those answers.

What we know for sure is that each of us has a different view of the world, shaped by our genetics, life experiences, beliefs, characters, etc. We create our own perspective, and we see the truth through its lenses. However, we should not manufacture the truth but rather realize it.

Truth is built in our existence; it is part of whom we are. We are either in touch with it or unaware of it. Have you ever listened to your body’s reaction when you hear the truth or a lie? If you did, you might have had goosebumps, or you may have felt sick to your stomach. Or perhaps you did not even pay attention or make the connection between the two. These are simple ways of how our body is giving us hints and guide us in making sense of what we hear. To me, this happens all the time.

To reach that stage of being in touch with the truth, we should get in tune with ourselves. Instead of looking outside and ask the why questions, we should turn inward to seek the answers. We have to discover the truth within ourselves first, and then we should live it.