Life Energies

Known in different cultures under various names, such as spirit, qi, prana, ki, ruach, etc. is the invisible force that fuels our energy body and gives us life. Ensuring the energy flows freely throughout our body, replenishing and maintain it fully vibrant, is vital for a healthy being.

The life’s force natural state is harmony and balance, and if we learn to preserve it, we could avoid different types of ailments.

Body, because of its physical nature, and mind, because of its logical nature, are vivid in our perception. Even though, we cannot see or touch these energies, we know they exist because they are powering our mind and body. Life is happening with no guidance or cooperation from us.

Often, we felt that something was off, or we experienced some kind of pain or suffering, and did not know why or where is coming from. Pain is the consequence of our life energy being obstructed, stagnant or unbalanced. If we do not take any action to release it, over time, these blockages are manifesting in the form of diseases.

I feel exuberant when my energy is up. I could do anything I put my mind to, and no one could stop me. I was blessed with many moments like this in my life, and I had countless accomplishments. Yet, looking back, I realized the consistency was missing. I allowed the external situations to dictate on what I was spending my energies. As a result, I was having great days or less good days.

Many of us are thinking is enough to take care of our body and mind, when in fact, taking care of our life energy is of utmost importance. The mind and the body are only functioning because of the life energy within us. If we keep the energy vibrant and intense, our body and mind will also be the same.

Yoga is one of the tools I employ to manage my mind, body, emotions, and to nourish my life’s energies. Stay tuned; more will come on this topic!

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