Mind – The Powerful

Our mind is an astounding possibility, and at the same time, it becomes our life’s misery producer. Why? Because we live most of the time in our head, recirculating the same thoughts. As our emotions are the outcome of our thinking, becoming conscious of our thoughts and actions is paramount for our happiness.

The mind is responsible for our mental activity performed consciously or unconsciously. Our whole life experiences, everything we have seen, touched, smelled, tasted, and heard are stored in our mind.  All we have learned, what society and parents instilled in us, what we are identifying ourselves with, is what our mind is repeatedly processing. Moreover, with the technological developments, and easy access to so much information, we think we know it all.

Now, more than ever, we are living mostly thinking of our life, creating unnecessary psychological drama and so much suffering to ourselves. Our way of life became so compulsive that we switched it to autopilot. Sadly, we forgot to live; we are only surviving.

We need to live and experience life, not thinking of it and not allowing our intellect to dissect every bit of it. Shifting our focus from thoughts to existence, from survival to living is crucial. Also, to be able to grasp life, we must use the intelligence built within us.

Static is not a word that can describe the mind, as it is always moving from one place to another. We spent most of our time thinking about the past, re-living our memories, or we are making plans, imagining the future. I was guilty of this myself, as I was constantly thinking of something.

One of my most significant lessons from last year was learning to live in the now. “This” moment did not exist in the past, and it will not exist in the future. Thus, better enjoy it and truthfully accept whatever brings with it.

A shift in my mindset occurred, and I find this process incredible. My awareness is gradually increasing, and I am re-enjoying the little things in life. What helped me get here and continues to help me is meditation. I could honestly say that the cure for our madness is meditation, and I will write more about it in my future articles.

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