Are you choosing confidence over clarity?

Are you choosing confidence over clarity?

What are you opting for in life, confidence or clarity? Can we have confidence without clarity or the other way around? Unfortunately, yes.

I say unfortunately because most people throughout their lives have just built their confidence without seeking or having clarity. Can you imagine how much destruction one can cause by doing something with only confidence?

For our generation, the word self-confidence became widespread and ingrained in our minds. Why? Because the success was associated with it, and consequently, everyone wanted to be successful. We could all remember the training we have had about how to become more confident. However, we had none about clarity.

We have to understand that these two words go hand in hand, and are not substituting each other. Having confidence but no clarity in life, failure is a sure thing. Instead, when we are clear about everything we want to do, we become confident about our actions, intentions, etc.

First and foremost, we have to be clear about what is most important, what we want to do or achieve, in fact, about everything in life. If we try to do anything without clarity, we would only stumble and harm others and ourselves on the way.

Everyone should be passionate and longing for clarity. We have to find ways of enhancing our inner clarity and yoga is one of the tools we can employ.

Another simple exercise that will bring clarity suggested by Sadhguru is:” Every day when you wake up in the morning, sit up on your bed cross-legged, sit with your hands open, eyes closed and just look at everything you are not. Appreciate all that you have gathered – your home, your family, your relationships, your qualifications, your body, your clothes – everything. Be thankful for that. At the same time, identify everything that is not you as “This is what I have gathered” and mentally keep it aside. What you gather can be yours, but it can never be you.”

It is time to shift focus from confidence to clarity and become better versions of ourselves.