Are you conscious of your emotions?

Are you conscious of your emotions?

Emotions are very impactful in our lives because of the intensity they generate. How conscious are you of them? As emotions are the product of our thoughts, what we think is of utmost importance. What we think will dictate what we feel.

What differentiates us from all other creatures on this planet is our capability to think and have a full spectrum of feelings. Depending on the emotions we are experiencing, we either enjoy them or perceive them as a problem.

I believe the way we feel and how we express our emotions goes back to our childhood. What we have seen happening in our home became acceptable to us, and then we started to emulate. If at home was an atmosphere of love and peacefulness children also felt calm and protected. If siblings were often losing their temper, the kids felt just as out-of-control as their parents.

Only later in life, after being exposed to and interacted with different kind of people, we were able to distinguish different types of behaviors. It is imperative to understand that other people or situations do not generate our emotions. The emotions are happening within us, and we choose how we want to feel.

Losing our temper or quickly react to everything comes out of compulsiveness. We have to learn to become conscious of our thoughts and subsequently of our emotions. By doing so, we keep our minds in a pleasant state, and we can act adequately in every situation.

We should not avoid emotions; instead, we should embrace and deeply accept them. Making our emotions pleasant should be the goal. If we are full of joy and compassion all the time, this is how our life is going to be.

Thoughts and emotions should become the tools that will assist us in becoming pleasant within ourselves. If this process becomes conscious, then the external situations or people will no longer control our happiness.