What causes you stress and how to prevent it?

What causes you stress and how to prevent it?

Have you asked yourself what causes you stress?

I am sure you did because each of us is or has been experiencing some kind of stress during our life. The answer to this question differs from person to person, as the stressors are not the same for each of us.

Some example would be:

  • work is stressful
  • family responsibilities
  • bills are piling up
  • time is never enough
  • kids causing problems

The list can go on, and as you can see above, all samples are external factors, which we blame.

Therefore, what or who is causing you stress? The answer is yourself. Some of you may not be happy with my response or may argue with me, and I do not fault you because I was in your shoes not too long ago. I was doing the same; I was accusing other people or situations because I did not know any different.

Until the day I had the realization that I allowed others to control my happiness. I also understood that with every outburst or unhappiness, I was hurting myself, not others. I was poisoning my body little by little. Knowing this fact, would you continue doing it to yourself? I am certain you will not.

Just think for a minute, everything you experience: happiness, anger, frustration, etc. is happening within you. The rest is our unconscious reaction to everything. Stress is occurring because you are not able to manage your inner state.

So, how to prevent stress? By taking control of your system. We have to learn to align our mind, body and life energies. When our mind and body take directions from us, and are not working against us, then we are in the right place. How can we achieve this? Through yoga practice. After I started practicing yoga, I am amazed at how quickly I changed, and I can distance myself from the outside situations.

Happiness is our natural state, and we should learn to preserve it, and not allow our mind to play tricks on us. Everything we have no control over we should not bother. If you have control over something, then take action and create the desired outcome. Click here for a practice called Meditation for Success.