Why do we overthink?

Why do we overthink?

Why do people overthink? My answer: lack of self-awareness.

Everyone heard of the term “analysis-paralysis,” which is an individuals’ tendency to overthink or over-analyze everything, usually without an outcome. To a certain extent, we are all guilty of doing it, regardless of age or of what we are doing in life. Most of the time, we either are pondering on the past, or we are worrying about the future.   

We know is not healthy, but we are still doing it. Why? The answers differ from person to person. For some people may be lack of confidence, some of us are perfectionists, some cannot just simply relax, or some are just worrying about everything. Whatever the reason is, we have to recognize the pattern and do something about it sooner, rather than later.   

Because I am a perfectionist, I was always searching for the best answers and best solutions. I remember waking up in the middle of the night, thinking if I missed something that day or what I have to do the next day. For some time, I thought I was this way because of my passion and because I put 120% into everything I do. After discovering yoga and some self-reflection, I recognized the pattern of overthinking and it helped me break it. The thought process is changing from a compulsive to a conscious process.

Between planning, problem-solving, and overthinking is just a fine line that can be easily crossed. Once crossed, it becomes a bad habit and a vicious circle. Scientists confirm that overthinking is dangerous, as it is linked to emotional suffering and mental health problems. Therefore, learning to be “in the now” by becoming conscious will help you be rooted in reality and avoid any thought-chatter. 

I have also learned not to bother myself with anything that is out of my control. There is no point of contemplating on something that you cannot do anything about it. It is just a waste of time. In addition, accepting everything as it comes is very important because it helps you deal with any situation easier.