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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone! As we pass into the New Year, we should look back at the 2018 and take into account what we have done and what we did not. Now is also the perfect time to look ahead,…

  • Body,  Life Energies,  Mind

    40 lessons for 40 years of my life

    Every day is unique; however, for me today is extra special. I celebrate my birthday in a place which feels like is out of this world. As I turned 40, I am sitting here reflecting on what I have learned…

  • Mind

    Why are we suffering?

    Why are we suffering is one question I asked myself since I could understand the meaning of it. It was only last year when I finally got some answers, and I was able to internalize them. I think it is…

  • Body,  Life Energies,  Mind

    What are you thankful for?

    Today is Thanksgiving, and I wanted to take some time and reflect on what I am thankful for in my life. You may be celebrating this holiday with your family and friends. However, did you take a minute to count…

  • Mind

    Are you choosing confidence over clarity?

    What are you opting for in life, confidence or clarity? Can we have confidence without clarity or the other way around? Unfortunately, yes. I say unfortunately because most people throughout their lives have just built their confidence without seeking or…

  • Mind

    Are you conscious of your emotions?

    Emotions are very impactful in our lives because of the intensity they generate. How conscious are you of them? As emotions are the product of our thoughts, what we think is of utmost importance. What we think will dictate what…

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