The Most Miraculous Mechanism

Maintaining a healthy body is vital for one to thrive in life. Starting with the way we sit, a good or bad posture, to what we put in and on our bodies, the level of exercise we perform will dictate our physical level of well-being.

The human body is the most sophisticated mechanism the creator ever made, and regrettably, many of us are ignoring it and taking it for granted. One of the main reasons is because existence does not require our participation. Only when something is hurting, we wake up and start questioning. Since last year, I am practicing Yoga, and I became more intrigued and aware of how fascinating our body is. We spend so much time learning about the outside world, yet we know so little about what is going on inside our body. The human body has tremendous capabilities, from including transforming the food into ourselves, to heal, rejuvenate itself, and it will only happen if we learn how to use it and take care of it.

I always knew the body has its clock; nevertheless, I have never taken the time to deepen the subject. Lately, I came across this traditional Chinese Medicine body clock, and it caught my attention. The clock is indicating that each organ functions at its peak at a specific time of the day and night (see picture for additional details). Reference:

In fact, I have no doubts that it goes even beyond, to the cellular level. Thus, the type of activities and the times should be performed is of utmost importance. For example, between 5 am and 7 am, after we wake up, the body needs hydration. We need to drink plenty of water, and I was doing exactly the opposite, I was drinking coffee to be able to function. If we keep doing exactly the opposite, how can we expect in the end to function well?

Of course, I had the information, but I guess I chose to ignore it for a long time, until I truly understood how important is for my body. I could not make that shift until I internalized it. Changing habits is not easy, it takes time and effort, and if you have the willingness to do it, the benefits can be incredible.

The Eastern cultures are teaching people from their early childhood about how the body functions, how to sit and stand, how, what, and when to eat, and about the importance of physical activity. We should also do the same, and I will start doing my part by writing articles about how I changed, what I have experienced along the way, what I practice, and how I nourish my body.

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